Several Treatments For Sleep Apnea

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Do you experience in the middle of your sleep a sudden interruption like you’re out of breath? Or do you feel very tiredupon waking up despite that you know you have completed your eight-hour sleep? If so, then it is likely that you have a sleep disorderknown as sleep apnea. It is a serious disorder in your sleep in which your breathing is disturbed a lot of times. It may be manifested by many symptoms like hypertension and weight gain. If you suspect you have one, don’t panic yet. There are several methods in dealing with sleep apnea.

Sleep study

Before being diagnosed with one, patients are usually requested to stay overnight at a sleep center for monitoring several parameters need to determine the disorder. This includes heart rate, air passage, levels of oxygen in the blood, and respiration. The severity and type of sleep apnea may be discovered so that proper treatment may be prescribed. Most patients diagnosed with apnea are advised to use CPAP sydney (continuous positive airway pressure) in their slumber to ease their breathing.

Weight management program

There are several instances where a patient is advised to lose weight in order to prevent sleep apnea. Obesity may be a determining factor of apnea, as having additional tissue on the neck may cause obstruction in the air passage. Guarantee is not absolute with this, but can help in reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Sleeping positions

There are some people who experience sleep apnea in relation to their lying positions during slumber. Sleeping with the back against the bed may be the cause of difficulties in breathing while sleeping. Therefore, a positional therapy is recommended, in which a patient is asked to sleep in your side.


In order to restore normal breathing function during sleep, there are people who undergo physical surgery to remove excess tissue that block passage of air in the throat. Nasal surgery may also be performed, where nose septum is straightened out in order to widen the room for airflow. Other surgeries are tongue advancement, soft palate implants, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, hyoid suspension, among others which depend on the cause of interruption in breathing during slumber.

Oral appliances

For mild sleep apneas with snoring issues, oral devices may be used in treating this health condition. There are dental appliances you can wear on your mouth during sleep that are designed to adjust the muscles that possibly block your air passage. They look like mouthguards that you wear in sleep.

Masks Devices

There are positive airway pressure devices that are designed as breathing masks in order to treat severe sleep apnea by allowing a wider passage of airflow. CPAP machine may aid in your daily combat with sudden inconvenience in your breathing patterns.Sleep apnea is a serious condition, but it can be treated. Its negative impacts are not direct, but are very dangerous in the long run. There are several approach in dealing with these, so there are high chances of you overcoming this sleeping disorder.

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