Pediatric Dentist

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Most parents wants to see a pediatrician for their young ones as they are specialized for a particular age group, similarly, when it comes to cater dentistry issues one should look for a good pediatric dentist. The main difference between a family dentist and a pediatric dentist is a two to three years special educational and training program which gives them the ability to treat children only. The pediatric dentist can deal with all the oral health care issues of infants to adolescents and teenagers. Children should not only be considered as small adults. There nice dental implants issues are also different from the adults. There is a different way to treat and examine them. Pediatric dentist have special equipment and designed clinics according to them children to make them calm and comfortable. One should start visiting a pediatric dentist when a child’s first tooth starts to appear and should continue the visits every six months. The pediatric dentist helps the child with the methods of proper preventive care which assures a good dental health for a life time. Face of a person is a very first thing we see when we meet someone and the first impression is made based on the appearance. A bad mouth can give a bad impression and can be remembered always. Similarly, a damaged smile can easily hamper a person’s self-esteem. Having missing or stained teeth can make a person shy and can restrict them to have a positive interactions at public places which can lead to anxiety. 

Children can easily have confidence issues and can be victimized to low self-esteem. Children are also bullied and made fun of which is cruel and can easily resist them to avoid being a part of any social activities at school. There can be various factors which leads to a person’s low self-esteem and confidence. One of them can be their poor oral health. The top five oral health issues which can lower self-confidence are bad breath, yellow teeth, cavities, gum (periodontal)diseases and diastema (gap between teeth). Amongst them a very common problem is yellow teeth which starts at a very early age usually starts when adult teeth starts to come. Many parents and children gets worried and disappointed when the adult teeth are yellower. The solution to this problem is the whitening of the teeth. Many parents and children have questions like is it safe to whiten the teeth at a very early age or at what age can we get this whitening of teeth, etc. Answer is yes its safe but under certain conditions.

Pediatric dental surgery is also known as “sleep dentistry” as because the patient is under general anesthesia (asleep) during dental procedures. Usually this is needed after an accident, if the accident affects lips or the cheeks, etc. so oral surgery is also required. So as discussed dental problems have become very common either it is yellow tooth or wisdom tooth problem or tooth cavity or pain. The solution for all of these problems is to consult a professional dentist Hawthorn and get advice and the cure of the pain.

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